What you didn’t know about 800 calorie HCG diet

December 5, 2014 Posted by admin

800 calorieThe HCG weight loss program is famous for providing just 500 calories a day. The program has helped thousands of people around the world, but it is difficult for some people. Now there is a new HCG plan that provides 800 calories that is intended to help people who lead active lives lose weight.

The 800 calorie HCG diet is not much different from the original 500 calorie diet recipe. The only difference is you get more foods in the list. However the foods are the same: sea food, one table spoon of milk for breakfast, a piece of Melba toast, veggies, lean meats for lunch and dinner, fruits and a lot of tea or coffee. The modified diet does not allow you to change the foods in the list and you have to ensure that the additional calories consumed do not exceed 300 calories. The number of calories in the diet foods are listed on the packages.

The HCG time frame for the 800 calorie diet is the same as that of the original diet. You can either choose 23 days or 40 days. When you want to lose less than 15 pounds you should apply the 23 day plan but if you have more than 15 pounds to lose you should apply the 40 day plan. Users need to administer the same 125 to 200 recommended daily dosage of HCG hormone. The method of HCG administration is via injections or HCG diet drops.

Though the HCG hormone enhances the release of calories out of the body fats that are broken down in your body, the HCG diet plan should not be used in combination with hard exercise routines. This is because the calories are needed to sustain the functions of your body organs. If you use up calories doing exhausting exercises you will not have enough energy.

People who are physically active find the 500 calorie diet difficult for them. More calories are required to maintain an active lifestyle. The 800 calorie diet plan is ideal for such people because they lose the same amount of calories that can be lost from following the 500 calorie diet program.